Application characteristics of non-destructive testing equipment



Do not damage the material and structure of the specimen

The biggest characteristic of nondestructive testing equipment is that it can be tested without damaging the material and structure of the specimen, so after the implementation of nondestructive testing, the inspection rate of the product can reach 100%. However, not all the items and indicators that need to be tested can be tested, and NDT technology has its own limitations. Some tests can only use destructive tests, therefore, at present, nondestructive testing can not replace destructive testing. That is to say, the evaluation of a workpiece, materials, machinery and equipment, must be the result of nondestructive testing and destructive test results of mutual comparison and cooperation, in order to make an accurate assessment.

2. Correctly choose the right time to implement NDT

Nondestructive testing system

In the process of NDT, it is necessary to choose the right time to perform NDT according to the purpose of NDT.

3. Correct selection of the most appropriate nondestructive testing method

Because each testing method has certain characteristics, in order to improve the reliability of testing results, the appropriate nondestructive testing method should be selected according to the material of equipment, manufacturing method, working medium, service condition and failure mode, as well as the type, shape, position and orientation of the possible defects.

4. Comprehensive application of various nondestructive testing methods

Any kind of nondestructive testing method is not a panacea, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Several detection methods should be used as much as possible to learn from each other to ensure the safe operation of pressure equipment.